Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sherlock Holmes Goes to Rehab

1976 Sherlock Movie The Seven-Per-Cent Solution Sees Holmes Heading for Trouble

Why would you want to watch a 1976 movie with dated special effects (if it features any) on a foggy picture that blurs even the most perfunctory details? Because now it’s in Blu-Ray. Because it features Sherlock Holmes. Because it features Sherlock Holmes at his most vulnerable as he guzzles down cocaine in a cocktail, hence the title of the film Seven Per-Cent Solution.

Beyond that, it stars the world-renown Sigmund Freud, portrayed by Alan Arkin (nominated for an Oscar this year) who plays therapist to Sherlock Holmes after Dr. Watson fears that Holmes’ use of drugs has gone too far. Freud is one of the most notable neurologists in history and Holmes is definitely the smartest detective in fiction. Just think about the possible outcomes that could emerge from their meetings. You might see verbal debates and assaults that represent a “Yo Mamma"-like face-off for educated and erudite scholars. You might even see crimes that were impossible of being solved, being solved (obviously since it’s a Sherlock Holmes movie).

That is why you should watch it. This is a distinctive take on Holmes that perfectly blends fiction with reality. It features Alan Arkin, Vanessa Redgrave and Robert Duvall from the Godfather as Dr. Watson. A star-studded cast in an unexpected story line is a definite must-watch. There is also an unlikely take on James Moriarty. I’m not spilling the beans though… because I would be spoiling the thrill of the mystery… and because I haven’t watched it yet, but I definitely will. 

Here's the link to the trailer. It has some funny moments. You could at least watch it with your friends and laugh at old film techniques and slap stick humor.

seven-per-cent solution cast
Back in the days when they still couldn't see 3 yards in front of them.