Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dread Dredd

Dredd is Perfect for the Undemanding Viewer

Dredd delivers everything it promises, which if summarized perfectly would add up to rampant and glorified violence. It’s essentially in a dystopian America (thanks to radiation) where law and order is exercised by those known as Judges, who get to act as judge, jury and executioner. One judge known as Dredd gets saddled with a rookie who faces a supervision test in the field. Through an act of random probability the 2 get saddled with a multiple homicide that gets them tangled up with a flourishing drug clan selling a narcotic known as Slo-Mo. It slows time. A lot.

Most movies involving drugs and narcotics tend to head towards convoluted and incomprehensible plots and stories. Thankfully, Dredd avoids this. In essence, all that needs to be known is that the drug clan led by Ma-Ma (yes, a woman but hardly your ideal picture of a caring mother) wants to stop the judges from leaving Peach Trees (massive apartment complex where the crime occurred) with a suspect, who will definitely leave a trail of bread crumbs back to Ma-Ma. Interrogation in the future is apparently quite efficacious, so Ma-Ma needs to stop the Judges from rattling the suspect too much.

What follows is a festival for gore-seekers with Ma-Ma trying to stop the Judges from leaving Peach Trees by putting a bounty on their heads. Most scenes draw resemblance to a slaughter house, the only difference being that the pigs and cows are replaced by humans. Human bodies fall off unfathomable heights to turn to pulp, bullets graze all possible anatomical surfaces and there are some well-crafted explosions every now and then… well every single time, actually.

Besides this, what is truly remarkable about this movie is how it draws you in. It’s not a thriller or mystery movie entirely, but it manages to surpass the achievements of most movies in the aforementioned genres. The reason is not the violence I so eloquently described, but the simple cat and mouse effect that persists throughout the movie between the Judges and the gang, as the judges try to evade the gang to survive and you inevitably end up supporting one of the factions. To be concise, this is Tom and Jerry for grown-ups, and in my mind, a must watch. 

Karl Urban Dredd
Mass violence is guaranteed when one's helmet covers the eyes. 

If words don't convince you, watch the trailer. 

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