Monday, February 4, 2013

Lex Luthor Axed From Superman Man of Steel

Man of Steel Villain is General Zod

The new Superman movie Man of Steel is set to accommodate theaters and cinemas in June. Since it is a much anticipated franchise reboot, there was a tremendous amount of hysteria surrounding the casting procedures and the actual characters that would appear. The most followed news piece was the choice of villain for the movie, and this honor fell upon General Zod to be portrayed by Michael Shannon.

But what happened to Lex Luthor? Isn't he the archenemy of Superman? For those who don’t know Lex Luthor, he is a loaded businessman/industrialist/scientist (in the older series) who has grand plans for world domination which requires the elimination of Superman. He is your typical megalomaniac. I was hoping that he’d at least have a cameo in the new film, yet insiders have been tight lipped over this issue, if he’s even in it. I had grown so accustomed to seeing him on Smallville that his absence encroaches upon a vehement and bitter insult.

So why was General Zod included instead? According to most magazines, the new movie is about Clark Kent getting acquainted with his superhuman powers (obviously, since it’s a reboot), whether he'll be rejected by the human populace and the fact that he’s an alien. Hence, there had to be an element allowing him to reconnect with his lost home Krypton. The logical choice thus becomes General Zod. Who is he? Well, another megalomaniac. Zod was a Kryptonian army general before the destruction of Krypton (Superman’s home planet); thus he becomes the crucial constituent connecting Kal-El (Superman’s Kryptonian name) to his home, hence a source of grandfather's tales to Kal-El. I guess now I can’t deny the legitimacy of the decision. Besides, Superman needs a superhuman challenge (Zod has powers to rival Superman).

Yet, Luthor will be missed, especially that trademark bald head that rivals those of most high school and university professors. Let’s hope he makes a lesser entrance like Norman Osborne did in The Amazing Spider-Man. There is always the next movie.     

Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel
So much for superpowers.
Michael Shannon General Zod
Inter-planetary space travel is a cause of severe sleep deprivation.  

Man of Steel Trailer.

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