Saturday, November 23, 2013

Connie Nielsen, Uma Thurman 'Nymphomaniac' Posters

Celebrities in "Orgasmic" Poses

Connie Nielsen Joe's Mother Nymphomaniac 2013 posterUma Thurman Mrs. H Nymphomaniac 2013 poster 

Uma Thurman is 43 years old. Connie Nielsen is 48. Both actresses star in Lars Von Trier’s 2 part sex epic ‘Nymphomaniac’ so it doesn’t seem like age is bothering them. A look at the teaser posters displayed here and
you can see why. Reveling in their bare skin, they look just as good as they were decades ago, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t be part of such a production. 

Thurman plays a ‘Mrs. H’ and Nielsen plays a character currently been passed out as ‘Joe’s Mother’, Joe being the nymphomaniac that the movie is based on. Now while the current crop of clips and the single trailer don’t reveal the two ladies doing anything graphic, the posters may suggest that there’s more to come from the 2 Hollywood celebrities. Von Trier is known for his secretive ways, so there definitely could be more to come from the duo in the movie.  Given the way their characters are titled, you could expect some cougar-like material to be present, especially from Nielsen, who plays Joe’s mother. Perhaps Joe’s path into sex addiction was a result of her mother’s past, so I’m expecting to see more of Nielsen than Thurman. 

I’ve seen Thurman in a clip on YouTube, and she appears to be “wacked out” from what I saw of her in the movie. Take a look at the clip below. I don’t know how to describe her in this.