Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Finally, A Vampire Men Can Actually Approve

Hotel Transylvania Piles Laughs On Top of... Laughs

By Guest Blogger @Reconcoding

Anybody here watched Van Helsing? Blade? Dracula? What all these movies obviously have in common is some hardcore vampire action! It became the unspoken rule that Vampires were either cool, scary, or even scary cool and maybe that’s why there’s a lot of Twilight hate going on when they failed to comply. However, I caught a new perspective on our fanged friend that doesn't obey the rule, yet hasn't evoked the same reaction as Twilight, from one of the most unlikeliest places: Hotel Transylvania.

Voiced by Adam Sandler, Count Dracula is seen as an over protective, un-cool, somewhat controlling father over his daughter, Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez) who he just wants to protect. Protect her from what exactly? Humans. Revolving around these reversed “monster-human” roles; Hotel Transylvania introduces us to the other side of our pitchforks which is one of the key features that makes up this great family movie.

According to several reviews, any movie with Adam Sandler is bound to be funny nine times out of ten. And this was one of them. Sheer one hour and thirty minutes of fast-paced energy and humor with the most unexpected moments that pretty much had me smiling, while I wasn't laughing, the whole way through. The randomness of the jokes with a dash of ‘punny’ (pun related funnies) really played off the characters; is the focus of the all the comedic action (the zombies especially).

The Story line on the whole was average, and to be honest, towards the end I did find some parts to be pretty cheesy and I thought they could have been done better there, but hey no movie’s perfect! Nevertheless, the humor, characters and one of the best animation works I've ever seen, completely outweigh the cons. I actually didn't realize the plot was cheesy until my 4th time watching it! A must watch for all Animation lovers, perfect for all ages to enjoy without Drac’s realistic renditions baring their fangs at him in disapproval.  

Hotel Transylvania
VAMPIRES CAN'T GO OUT IN DAYLIGHT! They never get it right. 

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